The state-of-the-art facility for battery sorting and for securing, collecting, re-use and dismantling damaged and non-damaged batteries.

Battery safety experts

About Sortbat

Sortbat is a state-of-the-art sorting facility for batteries. Sortbat achieves an unparalleled sorting purity of over 99% with their ISO certified sorting process, based on a combination of manual, mechanical and electronic sorting. Sortbat serves leading European battery collection organizations, recyclers and manufacturers.

EV and stationary batteries

Sortbat is your partner for securing, collecting and dismantling all EV and stationary batteries. Together, we maximize re-use options to give them a second life. At end of life of the batteries, we work with approved and expert recyclers.


Sortbat provide various other services such as sampling analyses and information gathering for life cycle analyses, presence of batteries in WEEE or in metal waste and ADR-related activities.
Displaying a broad expertise in battery sorting as well as battery safety, Sortbat is regarded as one of the top references in the business.

Our Activities

  • Manual and Automatic Battery Sorting of all types
  • Securing, collecting and storing damaged batteries
  • Centre of expertise for Waste Batteries
  • Dismantling of EV and stationary batteries
  • Battery sampling¬† and analyses
  • Fire safety blankets for lithium batteries

Our Workflow

Sortbat features prominently in National Geographic's "Behind the factory" about battery collection and sorting. Take an exclusive peek behind the scenes at Sortbat and discover the full episode here