Secure, collect and store (damaged) EV and large industrial batteries

Sortbat is currently doing this for major automotive and industrial manufacturers. Do you have a large industrial battery that needs to be secured? You're not sure whether the battery is damaged or not? What should you do to meet the ADR regulation? Discover our three step process and contact us.

Step 1

Analysis & assessment

We can carry out a full analysis of the situation at your business premises to understand the risks involved.
Based on our checklist, we can assess whether or not the battery is safe for transport or whether additional actions need to be taken, such as using a special container, a certain kind of packaging, or disconnection or splitting the battery.

Step 2

Transportation & storage

The battery is transported to Sortbat. For large batteries, we prepare them for transport by certified ADR drivers who are trained to transport hazardous materials.

Back at the Sortbat facility, we store the battery, making sure that the transportation hasn't triggered any reactions.

Step 3

Dismantling or recycling

Lastly, we dismantle the battery (if so desired by the customer) or prepare it for recycling/ second-life by third parties. In general dismantling will be necessary if the battery is larger than a shoebox (rule of thumb).

Work with us

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